Boxing Classes

Boxing has taken its place in the world today. In professional boxing it is all about going hard or going home. There is a big probability of having seen a celebrity in social media taking pictures with an instructor punching and how his or her face was determined. In the past few years a lot of boxing gyms have opened up meaning that it is heading mainstream. Whether you want to be a professional boxer or just keep fit and feel good knowing you can protect yourself, you need boxing classes.

There are few things you need to be knowledgeable about before signing up for a class. The list is vast so we will look at the most important classes:


While looking for a class to train in boxing you need to consider being in a small class. This is important because the trainer’s will have enough attention for all of you. It is also important that your trainers are qualified, have experience and are dedicated to make you each your goal. Here are some important classes:

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Group Classes

This class provides the following:

  • · Proper stance and footwork training.
  • · Pad and bag work out.
  • · Plyometric circuit and cardio training.
  • · Forward, backward, circular and side to side movements.
  • · Accurate timing.
  • · Stimulate sparring.
  • · Shadow boxing and proper warm up training.

Private Training

Private class gives faster progression to reach your goals as the trainer is fully focused on you. This is good if your aim is to become a professional. The class includes:

  • · Focused boxing skills
  • · Combined plyometric circuit and cardio training.
  • · Punch combinations and Proper punching technique.
  • · Counter punch and defensive drills.

Open Gym

If you want to do it on your own, this is the way to go. Pay the gym fees and have access to all equipment. Trainers will assist you a little but the hard work is up to you.


If you want to let out your anger and hit someone or get hit this is for you. Get to practice with a member and learn boxing in the ring.

Types of Classes

If you are heading into boxing, there are terms used in boxing classes. These give full details of classes and what you will do. Digging in to this I will provide you with the best class types, they include but not limited to:


In cooperates the fundamentals of boxing and it is an hour training. There includes a lot of heart pumping exercises and abs workout. This class will also give bag work and shadow boxing. This is the ultimate workout while having fun.


In this class you pair up with another member in the class, guided by the trainers. You motivate each other through bag works, hand pads and abs workout. This is a fast class that will push you for an hour.


This entails a combination of the technicalities of boxing for an hour. There are back to back combinations with training of precision movements. This class will keep you fit as you burn fats and gain skills.


This is an important short timed class that will take you to the olden days of Mohammed Ali. You will work out your body manually. Usually thirty minutes only that will give your body a full workout. It consists of pushups, star jumps, sit ups etc.


Yoga for boxing is meant to specifically increase your flexibility and strength. This class will ensure your muscles extend and you don’t burn up all your energy.

Places To Go For Boxing Classes

Below is a recommended list of boxing classes that one should take. If it is near you or you just want to the best. I will mention the best two. This list is not limited to but includes:

1. Shadowbox

Located in New York City, It has flex prices and $20 for your first class. Flex 10 is $ 37 per class and $370 for 120 days. Flex 20 is $36 per class and goes for 240 days.

2. Aerospace HPC

It is located in New York City and California. Aerospace gives you a chance to pay for unlimited classes or you can pay per class.


If you desire to join a boxing class then joins the best. Your body deserves quality and hard work to achieve the best of the best. If not for profession then you can protect yourself. For profession, be vigilant and you may end up being the next top boxer.