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GED Classes

Want to successfully pass the GED but don’t have sufficient study time? Find it difficult to concentrate when studying? Can’t comprehend some hard topics when reading? The good news is that the GED classes will help you to cover more topics quicker, concentrate during study time, understand hard topics and terms and retain what you’ve learned.

The Scope of GED Classes

As you might already know, the test covers 4 different subjects: Science, language arts, social studies, and maths. Passing the test requires you to score a total of 580, with at least 145 points in each individual subject.

This is why the classes are available, to aid and guide you to pass every subject individually without stress. The topics of each subject that are taken in the classes are elaborated below.

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Math GED Classes

The GED Math courses cover subjects you will need to learn for quantitative problem solving and algebraic problem solving, the 2 main content domains on the GED mathematics test.

First Section – Number Lines & Basic Functions

1. Rational Numbers: Subtracting, Adding, Dividing and multiplying.
2. Decimals: Multiplying, Dividing, Adding and Subtracting
3. Fractions: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing
4. Decimals and Fractions using number lines

Second Section – Percentages, Ratios, Scientific & Powers Notation

1. Percentages to Decimals
2. Percentages to Fractions
3. Ratios
4. Exponents
5. Simple Interest
6. Square Roots
7. Scientific Notation

Third Section – Graphs, Charts, Statistics and Probability

1. Simple Probability
2. Coin Toss Probability
3. Advanced Probability
4. Understanding Pictographs
5. Understanding Bar Graphs
6. Understanding Pie Graphs
7. Mean, Median and Mode

Social Studies GED Classes

The Social Studies GED courses cover 2 major areas: US History and Government and civics.

First Section – US History

1. Exploration & Colonialism
2. Revolutionary War
3. Civil war
4. Westward Expansion
5. Immigration & Industrialization
6. The Second World War
7. Cold War
8. The Civil Rights Movement

Second Section – Government & Civics

1. The Forms of Government
2. The constitution
3. Bill of Rights
4. Branches and levels of the Government
5. The electoral system of the United States
6. The Role of the Citizen

Science GED Classes

The GED Science lessons cover 2 of the main subjects included in the GED exam: Life Science, Space & Earth Science. Additionally, it deals with simple science principles.

First Section – Science Basics

1. Scientific Methods
2. Central Tendency
3. Writing Short Responses

Second Section – Life Science Third

1. Cell Energy & Processes
2. The Human Body
3. Nutrition & Health
4. Darwin & Evolution
5. Ecosystems

Third Section – Earth & Space Science

1. The Structure of the Earth
2. The Earth’s Resources

The Importance of the GED Classes

The benefits of taking these courses are immense, as they would help you in properly taking study notes as well as lesson sessions with visuals like arrows, graphics, maps and other illustrations to aid in proper comprehension. These courses will definitely help you to remember a lot of what you have learned.

Sewing Classes

Although it is not as common as it used to be back in the day, the art of sewing is starting to make a comeback with a new crop of creative and self-expressive fashion designers. There is something interesting about getting those intricate stitches in a piece of fabric to finally come up with a complete garment. So, what can you get from sewing classes?

The Basics

Once you have been introduced to the different terminologies, sewing classes for beginners will teach you the necessary supplies and their use, how to make basic hand stitches and more importantly, how to handle a sewing machine. The first thing you are going to learn to sew is a button before you are taught how to patch a hole and repair torn garments. You will also learn how to select fabric, thread, and needle for a given project.

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Further lessons will expose you to working your way comfortably around the machine and knowing the different types available so that choosing the one that matches your skill level becomes natural. You will also be taught how to insert or remove a sewing needle, adjust the tension on your machine and also thread the machine without causing yourself any harm. As you progress, you will learn how to sew on the edges and corners and how to use different sewing patterns and embroidery designs.

What to Expect

These lessons aim to give you the calmness and focus to handle the different sewing tools that may be otherwise dangerous if handled carelessly. You get to know the three basic stitches which form the fundamental of sewing as a technique as you discover more advanced stitches. You can also expect to learn how to create unique items and appreciate the artistic work that your hands can produce.

Benefits of Attending Classes

Completing a sewing class puts you in a position to make your own clothes and the kind that fit you properly. This will make you less dependent on boutiques and stores for clothes. Apart from improving your hand to eye co-ordination, it is very therapeutic and gets you to calm down and find joy in working on a project. The creativity that an individual gains from these lessons can be harnessed to start a successful business; coming up with unique and decorative designs of various clothing items that can be custom made for customers. There is nothing satisfying like getting a compliment for something you made out of your bare hands!

Cake Decorating Classes

One of the most popular hobbies to gain traction of late is cake decorating. People admire the technique that goes into effecting the amazing finishing and incorporating art in a delicious, frosty dessert. The best way to become a pro in this is by taking cake decorating classes. Let us look at what you can expect to learn from such a class.

What they Teach

For beginners, a lesson in cake decoration will take you through the basic set-up of the process and introduce you to the necessary tools and equipment to utilize. You will be shown how to come up with various consistencies of icing and how to frost a cake smoothly. You will also be taught how to handle an icing bag and tip and how to create flowers, borders, and lattice-work on the cake. The instructor will guide you through different techniques of decorating a cake and share with your different recipes for achieving the desired finishing.

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In addition, you will learn how to create the most interesting artwork there is using icing as a medium and learn the tricks that will enable you to maximize on the use of ingredients to achieve efficiency in the decorating procedure. You also stay updated on the latest cake decorating themes and preferences.

What to Expect

Attending these classes will equip you with the needed techniques to decorate a cake like a true professional by capturing all the details a person may want on their cake. It will also enable you to develop project ideas on your own, which exposes your talent and allows you select a specialty you want to pursue. Taking the classes will give you the skill to derive inspiration from images and different things for cake decorations and bring them to life.

Beneficial Lessons

By the time one is done with cake decorating classes, they are able to use new and different decoration technology like airbrushing. You’ll be in a position to recreate artwork of your choosing on a cake and utilize edible ink to come up with the masterpiece on a pastry canvas. You will have the tips to bring to life your business potential through finding a niche in the market that fits your decorating style and doing the relevant advertising to attract customers.

Finally, you will know how to satisfy customers with your creative dynamism by coming up with a creation that will have them in a fix whether to admire the cake or eat it.

CNA Classes

A Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) is someone who is taught to help patients who have healthcare needs but they work under supervision of either Registered Nurses (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). In order to become a Certified Nurse Assistant you are required tp be certified according to the respective states’ requirements. However, the requirements may differ among the different states.

What do you need to know about CNA classes?

If you are planing to enroll to CNA classes, you should know that CNAs require neither a bachelor’s degree nor an associate’s degree. However, specific training is mandatory since you are going to be responsible for taking care of other people and this is a task that you really need to understand the proper procedures and protocols. There are many different ways of taking care of patients and some of the lessons you are going to learn includes;

  • Oral hygiene
  • Shaving
  • How to promote physical activities and exercises
  • Bathing procedures
  • How to properly make a bed
  • How to take vital signs

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Also you will study the different body systems and if you happened to skip anatomy and physiology classes during your high school days, you better dig up those notes because you are going to cover these topics thoroughly.

What are the requirements for taking CNA classes?

In order to take CNA classes, you need to provide a proof of age at which the minimum age is 18 years.

  • You are required to show your High school diploma or a GED equivalent.
  • You will be required to take a physical examination.
  • A valid ID card or state’s drivers license is required to take the course.
  • You will need to provide a proof that you have been immunized.
  • You are also required to have a CPR and a First Aid certification.
  • You will be required to produce TB test results.

Where can you take the CNA classes?

You can take courses at community colleges, technical schools and there are also a couple of hospitals that offer relevant opportunities for training and finally the Red Cross society also offers the courses.

CNAs provide many day to day basic care activities to the patients and thus they are required to be caring and understanding to their patients since some of them undergo painful and difficult procedures. They are expected to be fit, be team players and serve as a connection between the patients and the medical professionals.

Dance Classes

Joining a dance class can be both exciting and terrifying if you are a beginner. The best thing is that you can learn how to dance in your favorite dance studio, the gym and even online. It does not really matter where you get to attend your dance class, the basics are almost the same. It depends on the particular type of dance style you want to learn and for what purpose. You need to remember that even for a beginners class, your abilities vary, keep learning from each other.

Here are some of the easiest dance styles for you as a beginner…


Ballet can be great starting point for any beginner. The styles that are taught in a ballet class are very formal and will definitely help you to have that elegant flow in your body movements.

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Contemporary Dance

Every beginner can learn a bit of contemporary dance. Particularly because all it requires is knowledge of basic flips which you will be taught in your dance class. You need to be more flexible when you are learning the dance styles.


Hip-Hop dance is a personal favorite to many. Listen to the rhythm and follow the beat. You will learn the basic hip-hop dance styles like break dance and the rest.

Requirements for Beginners


Learning how to dance is not really about the type of dance, it is about your passion and interest in the art of dancing itself. As a beginner, you need to work on the one and most important thing, your attitude. Perfect your attitude towards dace and dance classes become more fun and enjoyable.


You also need to work on being more flexible on the dance floor. This you can learn from your dance trainer and also get some dance tutorials online. Have expectations but keep them reasonable. Good dancing comes with persistence and a lot of patience. Keep practicing the basic moves and you will perfect them with time.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Always ensure that you are in comfortable clothes that will enable you to move freely on the dance floor. You can get yourself nice, stylish leotards or convertible tights. Leggings can also come in handy and they are comfortable to be in as well. The type of shoes you will wear will depend on the type of dance you are learning. Ballet slippers are great for ballet classes and jazz shoes can be worn to most dance classes.

Anger Management Classes

It is natural for humans to be angry when confronted by various life experiences. Anger can be described as a healthy response to a perceived threat. This emotion can occur when one is frustrated or feels others don’t care about them. In this case, anger can be used to relieve built-up tension or frustration.

However, when anger is not properly controlled or managed, it may lead to destructive thoughts or outcome. Explosive anger can adversely affect your health, career, relationship, mental health, and overall well being. The good news is that it is possible for anyone to control their anger.

What is anger management?

Anger management is an educational process where someone learns how to recognize signs of anger, and taking the necessary steps to relax and handle the situation productively. Anger management is not about preventing someone from being angry. Rather it teaches you how to express your anger emotions in an appropriate way.

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Some people can learn anger management techniques on their own or by reading books. However, many people benefit from anger management classes. The main aim of anger management classes is to help students recognize their frustrations early so that they can stay calm and in control of their situation.

Anger Management Classes

This course aims to reduce the frustrations anger creates by allowing students to examine possible triggers, causes and confront the underlying problems if any.

Anger management classes can be done in one on one or group sessions. The duration, setting, and the number of sessions will vary depending on your needs or the program. Typically, the classes can last for weeks if not months.

During your anger management sessions, you will work closely with a counselor. The counselor will teach you certain skills and how your thought process works. Anger management sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs. In case you are suffering from other conditions such as depression or addiction, your counselor may ask you to fix these issues so that the sessions are effective for you.

Students who take this course should expect to learn useful skills that they can use in situations that might trigger their anger. You will also learn how to manage specific factors that are likely to make you angry. This course will also help you learn how to express your needs and feelings assertively without showing aggression. You will be able to recognize when you are thinking illogically and change your thinking.

Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are classes offered to parents typically by guidance counselors, government organizations or non-profitable organizations, mainly to help them take care of their children. Contrary to what many people believe, parenting classes are not only meant for troubled parents; instead, they are meant for everyone who wishes to equip themselves with relevant skills on how to become a better parent.

Like any other workshop, these classes offer a wide variety of sessions on different topics. Some of the topics include early childhood parenting, how to deal with separation/divorce, how to deal with adolescent kids among others. Additionally, you are taught on how to build lasting relationships between parents, between children or between children and parents.

If you are recently divorced, and the court has ordered you to attend parenting workshops, it does not mean that you are a terrible parent. Although it might not be what you would settle for, parenting classes for the divorced are intended to train parents on how to deal with emotional divorce issues without neglecting their kids.

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Children always bare the most emotional pain during divorce. However, by attending such classes, you can learn how to mindset your kid for a more effortless transitioning from a two parented home to separate homes with two or more parents.

We can all agree that parenting gets tougher when dealing with teenagers and adolescents. At this age, kids tend to question authority and try to distance themselves from their parents. If you are facing such challenges as a parent, you should consider registering for classes on how to handle teens. You will be taught on the best way to approach their problems and how to communicate effectively with them. In return, your kids will learn how to trust you and seek counsel from you rather than turning to their peers who are most likely to mislead them.

Benefits of Parenting Classes

Generally, there are many skills and benefits you gain from attending parenting classes, and they include;

1. You better your communication skills

Parenting is a learning process. Nobody was born perfect at it. Therefore by participating in parental lessons, you learn how to engage effectively with your kids and spouse. You learn how to give advice and share strategies with your kids to better their lives.

2. Networking

At times, we as parents feel abandoned or lonely when handling our parenting problems. But by attending the classes, you will be surprised just how many parents share your problem. Together you get to encourage each other and share any successful parenting skills.

3. Helps you to gain parental confidence

Confidence is essential for proper parenting. You need to act as if know completely what you are doing because your kids will most likely look up to you as a role model. By attending parental workshops, you will learn to build your confidence which you can then transfer to your kids.

Yoga Classes

Yoga has been around for a very, very long time. It mainly focuses on improving a person as a whole, healing the mind, body and soul. When you practice yoga, you not only improve your flexibility but it also strengthens your body and rejuvenates the soul.

Yoga and its’ teachings here in the States come from India, where it has been said to have originated from. It includes a number of styles and poses that are specifically meant to strengthen your being and make you more flexible.

Here are some useful tips on what goes on in a yoga class, what to expect, and what some of the benefits of practicing yoga are.

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Yoga Styles For Beginners

There are many yoga styles. Here are some that are suitable for beginners:

The Hatha

Hatha yoga is one of those classes that is recommended for beginners. In this yoga class, you will be taught some of the basic poses you need to learn in a yoga class. The poses in Hatha are quite slower as compared to other yoga styles. Hatha would be the best for beginners because of its slow pace.

The Ashtanga

This yoga routine is one that comprises of six series of yoga poses that are meant to help you as a beginner to flow. It has strict guidelines and some yoga instructors will follow the Ashtanga series in an orderly sequence. This is also the best for beginners in yoga classes.

The Bikram Yoga

This type of yoga is conducted in the same order for 90 minutes. It is very easy for any beginner to follow because of its predictability.

Why Take Yoga Classes?

Yoga guarantees you a number of health benefits. Scientists have proven that practicing yoga helps to lower the risk of high blood pressure. People who have heart disease and experience lower back pains are also encouraged to take yoga.

Yoga increases your flexibility. The different yoga poses help your body to become more flexible and develop stronger muscles.

You also get to improve your general body posture and balance. The different yoga styles have incorporated poses that help you to improve balance.

What Are the Requirements?

There are absolutely no hard and fast rules about who can or can’t join a yoga class. It does not matter what age or body size you are. There are different yoga classes that are designed to fit everyone, no matter the age. It doesn’t matter how fit you are too. You can join a yoga class meant for your level of fitness.

CPR Classes

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), is a form of emergency procedure that involves chest compression with artificial ventilation with an intention to manually preserve the brain function before more measures can be administered by professionals.

CPR Classes

The CPR course covers a wide range of topics that deal with respiratory and cardiac emergencies. It offers lessons on how to handle an AED, who should use it and when it can be used. The course concentrates heavily on various practical skills as well as student participation.

By the conclusion of the course, the students will have to undergo and complete various cycles of CPR when using a defibrillator. All this is designed to get the student confident and comfortable if ever tasked to carry out any real procedures. Another aim of the course is to fully equip the learners with the most relevant skills and knowledge in order to acquire a wide range of life resuscitation techniques in any emergency situation.

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Objectives Of The Class

  1. Understand the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  2. To give a two minute cycle of CPR.
  3. Know how to effectively and safely use a defibrillator.
  4. Know how to assist someone that is choking.

Requirements To Join The Course

Students should be fit enough in order to conduct chest compression on demonstration mannequins. It is required that they demonstrate proper ventilation and compression during evaluation. Students should have a level of language proficiency that allows them to interact effectively with the instructors as well.

Who Should Take The Course?

This course is meant for anyone who wants to learn AED use and CPR but aren’t expected to make use of it regularly. Such people include teachers, non-healthcare personnel, parents, and sports coaches. The course is also good for non acute healthcare personnel such as dental nurses, healthcare assistants, and medical secretaries.

The Class Modules

  • Adult Pocket Face Mask
  • Adult Chest Compressions
  • Adult Breaths
  • Adult Choking
  • Adult Defibrillation
  • Child CPR Full
  • Child Choking

Class Duration

This course is between 3 to 4 hours depending on specific modules undertaken as well as the number of people in the course.


Towards the end of training, students will be given a complete AED & CPR scenario to which they must pass.


On successful completion of the course, students will be get a Heart Association Certificate. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

Renewal Of Certification

After the period of your certification elapses, one is required to re-apply and undergo the course training again for re-certification.

Cooking Classes

Ever wanted to learn to cook, but hardly find time for a cooking class? Thanks to new-age cooking classes, interested want-to-be cooks now have the privilege to be taught in the comfort of their own homes!

Who Are The Cooking Classes For?

These courses are for people who do not need to leave the house to learn how to cook their favorite dishes, and for those who have a ridiculously busy schedule and can not afford to follow a set timetable.

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How To Book A Session

Nowadays, there are several ways to hire a private chef. Especially if you have the Internet at your disposal, you can book a session with just a few clicks. You can also visit your local cooking schools or call and ask if they give private lessons. No matter what kind of request you choose, the application process is neither too difficult nor challenging.

How About Cooking Class Sessions?

The cooking class usually takes 2 to 2.5 hours per session. In addition to being at home, they differ from other cooking classes in that the student can choose the menu or create their own course description. However, in this phase of decision-making, a competent cooking instructor is supervised and advised. The instructors will also ensure that the choice of food is suitable for the level of expertise of the students. For convenience and to facilitate the customer’s learning experience, a recipe booklet will normally be provided at the beginning of the session. In this way, the student can always go back to the list if he misses something the teacher has mentioned.

Since they only last two and a half hours, these classes aim to produce a single meal for each session. Students will receive a complete list of the ingredients and materials they will need before the scheduled meeting to allow enough time to prepare and acquire them.

What About The Prices?

The price is usually between $ 300 and $ 400, depending on the number of students. If the students decide to go to a cooking party, additional gratuities may apply. These cooking parties can be done either at home, in a cooking school or in a cooking studio with all the necessary kitchen facilities.

Schools providing home cooking courses usually provide services to students who live in the city but are also available at other remote locations for an extra charge. These cooking classes are also available on weekends, after hours and in the afternoons. For a rescheduling or registration, however, at least a pre-registration of at least 24 hours is required.

Most home cook trainers do not need a specific kitchen size, as long as all students sit comfortably in it. It is the responsibility of students to choose a place that benefits all learners. Meanwhile, there are culinary studios that are rented. If you are ready to spend extra money, this option is good, especially for larger classes.

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