Computer Classes

The technology era is rapidly overwhelming the old era as the world is relying on computers for many things from organizing taxes to cooking. A deeper understanding of technology is essential in the current era, hence the greater need for computer classes for all. Here is what is expected in every class attended.

Basic Computer Skills

This is the introduction to computer parts and personal parts of the gadget to people with little or no experience with computers. This is meant to aid people overcome any fears associated with using a computer.

Introduction to the Internet

This class includes the introduction and covering of the basics of everyday social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as LinkedIn. Students are required to register for social medial accounts before the lessons.

Introduction to Microsoft Word

This computer class equips the learner with the basic know how of creating, saving and editing documents, adding headers and footers and changing layouts in MS Word. The participant is expected to learn how to use templates to easily create documents and resumes.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

This lesson covers the basics of Microsoft Excel. This includes managing worksheets, workbooks with the associated calculations and inserting charts and graphs. The learner is required to know how to operate a computer and familiar with Microsoft word.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

This class covers the basics of coming up with a PowerPoint presentation. At the end of the lesson the learner gets familiar with creating new presentations, adding a text, picture, videos, sounds, include transitions and running the presentation.

Computer Security

This computer class is all about the basics of computer security. Here, the participant learns the definition of malware and how to prevent it. Hacking and identity protection while in the internet is also taught here.

Web Design

Participants attending this class are required to be familiar with social media. HTML, HTML5 and CSS are taught in here. After attending this class the learner knows how to create own website.

C# .NET for Beginners

This is a modern and popular programming language. The participants have no experience in programming whatsoever. This programming language is from Microsoft and meant for beginners.

Visual Basic .NET for Beginners

Visual Basic .NET is a great method to learn programming for every beginner. This is one of the most popular courses from Microsoft.

The above computer classes will equip you with the basic skills that will help your way through the computer. Every beginner is qualified to attend the above classes that are the main pathway to becoming a pro.