Dance Classes

Joining a dance class can be both exciting and terrifying if you are a beginner. The best thing is that you can learn how to dance in your favorite dance studio, the gym and even online. It does not really matter where you get to attend your dance class, the basics are almost the same. It depends on the particular type of dance style you want to learn and for what purpose. You need to remember that even for a beginners class, your abilities vary, keep learning from each other.

Here are some of the easiest dance styles for you as a beginner…


Ballet can be great starting point for any beginner. The styles that are taught in a ballet class are very formal and will definitely help you to have that elegant flow in your body movements.

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Contemporary Dance

Every beginner can learn a bit of contemporary dance. Particularly because all it requires is knowledge of basic flips which you will be taught in your dance class. You need to be more flexible when you are learning the dance styles.


Hip-Hop dance is a personal favorite to many. Listen to the rhythm and follow the beat. You will learn the basic hip-hop dance styles like break dance and the rest.

Requirements for Beginners


Learning how to dance is not really about the type of dance, it is about your passion and interest in the art of dancing itself. As a beginner, you need to work on the one and most important thing, your attitude. Perfect your attitude towards dace and dance classes become more fun and enjoyable.


You also need to work on being more flexible on the dance floor. This you can learn from your dance trainer and also get some dance tutorials online. Have expectations but keep them reasonable. Good dancing comes with persistence and a lot of patience. Keep practicing the basic moves and you will perfect them with time.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Always ensure that you are in comfortable clothes that will enable you to move freely on the dance floor. You can get yourself nice, stylish leotards or convertible tights. Leggings can also come in handy and they are comfortable to be in as well. The type of shoes you will wear will depend on the type of dance you are learning. Ballet slippers are great for ballet classes and jazz shoes can be worn to most dance classes.