DUI Classes

Convictions involving DUI carry a wide range of penalties such as license suspension or revocation, ignition interlock device, expensive fines, and sometimes jail time. Another common penalty for DUI involves attending mandatory DUI classes. The main aim of this penalty is to educate drivers on dangers of DUI.

Eligibility for the Program

An assessment is done on the offender to determine the extent of their alcohol problem. They are also assessed on how many classes they will need to attend in a DUI school based on the extent of a DUI offense. Assessment is also based on whether it was a first offense or more.

What to Expect

The main focus of the program is how alcohol and drugs affect road safety and driving performance. Attendants are also educated on personal and legal consequences of a DUI conviction and ways to avoid DUI to avoid future DUI charge.

Learning Outcomes

Participants learn about how to take responsibility for drug use and consequences resulting in a DUI offense. They commit to end alcohol and drug abuse. DUI classes also assist participants to plan on avoiding relapses and how to plan ahead to avoid drunk driving in future. After completion of the program, a follow-up interview may be required to assess the success of meeting the goals of the program.

Completing the Program and License Reinstatement

Drivers who had their licenses suspended may become eligible for a temporary or restricted license by completing the DUI assessment part of the program. To become eligible for full license reinstatement, convicted drivers will have to complete all the mandatory DUI school requirements.

Costs for the Program

The program does not come cheap. The cost is at the expense of an individual convicted of DUI. Costs may include school fees, court costs, DUI lawyer fees, license fees, ignition interlock device costs, and increased insurance costs among other costs. On average, DUI costs may vary from $6,000 to $20,000 depending on the state and extent of the offense.

Finding a DUI School

It is not complicated to find a DUI school. Mandatory DUI schools are typically structured to meet state requirements and provide a DUI curriculum that deals with assessment, risk reduction, and counseling. Specific school requirements may vary by state. In most cases, the judge handling the case will provide a list of schools approved by the court.

Charges and convictions involving DUI can be quite serious. It is always wise to hire an attorney as soon as you are charged with DUI. An attorney will be in a better place to limit the severity and number of your penalties. Nevertheless, you can avoid all the trouble of finding yourself in DUI classes and other penalties by avoiding driving under the influence.