GED Classes

Want to successfully pass the GED but don’t have sufficient study time? Find it difficult to concentrate when studying? Can’t comprehend some hard topics when reading? The good news is that the GED classes will help you to cover more topics quicker, concentrate during study time, understand hard topics and terms and retain what you’ve learned.

The Scope of GED Classes

As you might already know, the test covers 4 different subjects: Science, language arts, social studies, and maths. Passing the test requires you to score a total of 580, with at least 145 points in each individual subject.

This is why the classes are available, to aid and guide you to pass every subject individually without stress. The topics of each subject that are taken in the classes are elaborated below.

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Math GED Classes

The GED Math courses cover subjects you will need to learn for quantitative problem solving and algebraic problem solving, the 2 main content domains on the GED mathematics test.

First Section – Number Lines & Basic Functions

1. Rational Numbers: Subtracting, Adding, Dividing and multiplying.
2. Decimals: Multiplying, Dividing, Adding and Subtracting
3. Fractions: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing
4. Decimals and Fractions using number lines

Second Section – Percentages, Ratios, Scientific & Powers Notation

1. Percentages to Decimals
2. Percentages to Fractions
3. Ratios
4. Exponents
5. Simple Interest
6. Square Roots
7. Scientific Notation

Third Section – Graphs, Charts, Statistics and Probability

1. Simple Probability
2. Coin Toss Probability
3. Advanced Probability
4. Understanding Pictographs
5. Understanding Bar Graphs
6. Understanding Pie Graphs
7. Mean, Median and Mode

Social Studies GED Classes

The Social Studies GED courses cover 2 major areas: US History and Government and civics.

First Section – US History

1. Exploration & Colonialism
2. Revolutionary War
3. Civil war
4. Westward Expansion
5. Immigration & Industrialization
6. The Second World War
7. Cold War
8. The Civil Rights Movement

Second Section – Government & Civics

1. The Forms of Government
2. The constitution
3. Bill of Rights
4. Branches and levels of the Government
5. The electoral system of the United States
6. The Role of the Citizen

Science GED Classes

The GED Science lessons cover 2 of the main subjects included in the GED exam: Life Science, Space & Earth Science. Additionally, it deals with simple science principles.

First Section – Science Basics

1. Scientific Methods
2. Central Tendency
3. Writing Short Responses

Second Section – Life Science Third

1. Cell Energy & Processes
2. The Human Body
3. Nutrition & Health
4. Darwin & Evolution
5. Ecosystems

Third Section – Earth & Space Science

1. The Structure of the Earth
2. The Earth’s Resources

The Importance of the GED Classes

The benefits of taking these courses are immense, as they would help you in properly taking study notes as well as lesson sessions with visuals like arrows, graphics, maps and other illustrations to aid in proper comprehension. These courses will definitely help you to remember a lot of what you have learned.