Kickboxing Classes

There is a common misconception that kickboxing is only about kicking. Though the nomenclature is to blame for it, your hands are as important in this sport as your legs. In fact, it is generally believed that kickboxing is a mixture of karate and boxing.

It is a kind of mixed martial arts sport, pretty similar to sports like Muay Thai. Kicking and punching are probably the two most common actions. Over the past few decades, it has become tremendously popular.

Obviously, it is a physically challenging and exhausting sport. However, it is also more effective than the best cardiovascular workouts in the world. From burning calories to increasing raw muscle strength, it helps in making one heck of a body.

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To be a good kick boxer, all you really require is a lot of energy and a lot of perseverance. However, we recommend checking the following to-dos to have a more pleasurable experience:

  1. Consult your doctor: Let him know that you want to try out a very demanding sport. Ask him: With regard to your medical history, will it be a good idea?
  2. Get the right clothes: For kickboxing, you cannot have very tight fitting clothes. They wont give you enough space for movement. On the other hand, loose clothes might slow you down. Hence, it is best to strike the right balance.
  3. Purchase your gear: It is always advisable to carry your own gear. Besides being more hygienic, you learn faster when you use the same gear everyday.
  4. Consume more carbohydrates: Before workout, it is a good idea to have a carbohydrate rick food like sweet potato or beans. It gives you a lot of energy and keeps you active.

About the Classes

Location of Classes

Kickboxing classes are usually conducted by gyms and training centers. They will have separate rooms for boxing, workout, exercises etc. Each of these rooms are made to fulfill a particular purpose.

The boxing room will have a number of punching bags so that multiple people can sharpen their skills at once. The workout and exercises areas are generally open and huge. They usually do contain gym and cardio equipment too.

Duration of Classes

To be honest, the duration for these classes varies from one training center to the other. Some of them may provide kickboxing conditioning, boxing conditioning, daily training and stretching sessions separately of 50 minutes each. On the other hand, others may combine all of these into a single session of 2 hours.

So, the duration of the classes will depend on two things. First, the training center you visit and the classes offered. Then, it will depend on what your preferences are. If you are a beginner, basic and short sessions would do the deal. However, as you become good at it, you might want to take separate conditioning sessions which might increase the duration.

Their Cost

The cost of the classes will depend on the training center you go to. There are some centers which take payments by sessions. Some others take payments on a monthly basis. If we talk about an average training center, you can expect pay around $100 a month. Similarly, session wise payments can be expected to be around $10 a session.

However, please note that these are very general figures. The exact amount may vary drastically according to your place of residence and the quality of the training center.

What You Will Learn

The teaching methods of each class may be different. However, the most basic methods would include kickboxing conditioning, boxing conditioning, daily training and stretching sessions. Some classes also use partner drills to make learning much more interesting.

In good classes, there will always be instructors all around letting you now when you go wrong. You may even consult them regarding some other topic like your daily diet, exercise regimen etc.

Restrictions in Classes

Lets face it, kickboxing is a dangerous sport. Hence, it is extremely important to have some important restrictions in place.

No one is allowed to punch or kick the opponent in the groin area. Then, punching the adversary in the throat or on the back of the head is also not allowed. Using the head to attack the opponent or biting the opponent would also result in penalties.

Besides these, many other restrictions exist. Attacking an opponent while he is getting up or while he is facing his back to you is not allowed. On the other hand, not attacking at all or attempting a body lock may also lead to penalties.

It must, however, be noted that each training class has its own set of rules. So, what is applicable at one place may not be applicable someplace else.


Kickboxing means different things to different people. Depending on how you look at it, you can expect any of the following from the sport:

  1. Self defense: Kickboxing is a very effective self defense mechanism. It doesn’t compulsorily require gear. Hence, your hands and legs now become your most dangerous weapons.
  2. One on one competitions: Many people feel the need to compete in everything that they do. This is completely understandable. Kickboxing tournaments are conducted regularly. Once you start doing well in locals, you may swiftly move on to nationals.
  3. Healthy body: As mentioned above, kickboxing is the best way to work out your cardio. It keeps the heart young and increases blood circulation. Also, it strengthens the body, making it more robust.
  4. Loads of fun, learning and meeting new people: Last but not the least, kickboxing classes are a lot more fun than you can possibly imagine. You get to learn something new everyday. All of this, while you make some lifelong relationships.

For self defense, for a healthy body or for anything else, kickboxing is a gem of a choice.