Lamaze Classes

The use of medical intervention during childbirth has and will always be an unhealthy and unnatural procedure. This method is never recommended by professionals. One such French obstetrician Dr. Ferdinand Lamaze witnessed such practices in the Soviet Union and came up with an alternative to the same. His observations on childbirth there led him to create a special coaching for ladies on the verge of childbirth so that they can go through the process with the least amount of pain and discomfort.

Coming in to being in the 1940s, Lamaze has been named after the same doctor and hence, is called Lamaze Classes. It has become a reliable way of understanding the detailing and precision that comes with labor. It is a sure way to get the correct information about pregnancy, childbirth and the likes through careful parenting, guiding and counselling. It includes relaxation techniques, and various massages. It also shows ways to cope with labor while being comfortable so as to not cause unnecessary harm to the mother.

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What happens in Lamaze Class?

The underlining aim is to induce confidence in the mother about her ability to give birth. It is also to negate unwanted stress and mentally tensed situations for the parents. Lamaze International basically focuses upon six healthy birth practices. They are summarized as follows:

1. The first step is to allow the process of birthing to begin on its own, naturally. It is not advisable to induce labor, except under special circumstances.

2. The labor procedure is uncomfortable and painful, but even then the mother should get and try to walk around or at least do some physical movement.

3. Moral support in such situations is a need and hence it is important to allow a loved person, dear friend or a close family member to be present with the mother during labor.

4. Since Lamaze is of the idea of natural birth giving and not allowing any medical interventions, it should be taken care of that this same practice is duly followed.

5. Giving birth on the back is one of the most unnatural of all positions and hence, it is not advised. Instead, it is upto the mother to choose whichever position that is comfortable for her and not stick to lying on the back.

6. The mother and baby should not be separated since the baby needs to be held in the mother’s care. It is most recommended for the good health of the mother and baby for breastfeeding.

These practices ensure that childbirth is handled well and that the mother and baby are both safe and healthy all without any serious medical involvements. They are taught by using hand movements, explanatory charts and tutorial videos. These classes are also available in 10 to 11 languages including Greek, Russian and Spanish.

Importance and Significance:

As per the rule of nature, it is highly unrecommended to give birth lying down on one’s back. All animals give birth standing up and take the help of gravity to facilitate the same. Man is also expected to follow suit. Lamaze International Classes promotes this practice and hence should be opted for more often.

These classes are conducted by official licensed Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators (LCCE) only. Although Lamaze himself and his guidance too was highly criticized for being ineffective when the idea came into play, it is still functional and accepted even today.