Mommy and Me Classes

Being a parent is the most rewarding job you will ever have. The experience is breathtaking, but can sometimes be stressful and lonely. As a mom it is important to interact with other parents and make connections. The best way to do this is by joining Mommy and Me classes and programs!

I remember when my daughter was one, I enrolled us in a Baby Boot camp. Not only did the jogging make me more agile, I was also able to have some extra time to bond with my daughter. Furthermore, the classes helped me build lasting relationships with other moms. So there are lots of benefits to the parents too!

From the city’s art museum, to the local community center, many organizations and institutions offer Mommy and Me classes that are able to engage and educate both children and parents. Most classes are on a weekly basis in 30 – 45 minutes classes. You might find music schools on the lengthier side. Bilingual classes and museum tours are less intensive and will last anywhere between 20-30 minutes.

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Most Mommy and Me classes are charged per session; somewhere between $10-$25 per class. Sounds too much? Well, you could save a couple of bucks if you pay for the whole session (at around $100-$170). Baby and Me music classes (especially rock music), can go up to $250 for the whole program. These classes actually help introduce your child to a new social situation in the most fluid way, without having them leave their parents. Such benefits are indispensable!

Don’t know where to start? There are an array of Mommy and Me classes all over the city. Here are a few suggestions I find very entertaining (especially for babies under 12 months).

1. Mini Swim Lessons

These classes help your little one focus on water safety and gets them used to water play. Along the way, kids can also learn to swim competitively. Such classes are available in may institutions with ample swimming pools.

2. Stroller Strides

Stroller Strides include mini rides for the baby, which doubles as a fitness program for the moms too. The activities includes power walking and toning exercises. As you stroll through the various parks, your kids also enjoy fun music and other engaging activities along the way!

3. Creative Classes

Due to lack of a better word, creative classes are basically classes that engage the family in fun and creativity-building activities including singing, dancing among others. Such classes are very versatile and can as well involve children with developmental challenges.

4. Bilingual Classes

Did you know your child can learn a second language twice as fast as you would probably expect? Bilingual classes offer you and your kid the chance to learn a second language in fun ways. From short musicals, to stories, kids can quickly grasp a phrase or two.

Apart from the social aspects of a Mommy and Me class, the program also guarantees early opportunities for your child to develop abilities and grasp new skills. In a nutshell, taking a class with your child helps strengthen the parent/child bond without the pressure of crying, feeding and burping! You can as well learn what your child likes or dislikes along the way.