Self Defense Classes

Self defense is important and something every person should learn. The ability to defend yourself in an unpreditable and dangerous situation could save your life. Nothing sounds better than having an assurance that you can take care of yourself and even those around you whenever need arises. Self defense classes will not only keep you in the right physical state; it will keep your manners, boost your confidence and even your mental health.

There are several self defense courses and classes available and most of the techniques have been borrowed from the renowned martial arts: Karate, Muay Tai, kick-boxing, Kung-Fu, Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Each of these classes has its unique blend that brings diversity into the self defense family.

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Self Defense and Martial Arts

A self defense system shouldn’t be confused with a martial art class. The difference between the two is rather simple. While martial arts will focus on hierarchy, order, procedure, competitions and sports-like events; Self defense will give you all the techniques you’ll use when you need them the most. Although self defense may not get you in shape compared to martial arts, self defense classes will train you to be proactive, flexible and to always utilize what you’ve learned for your safety.

The best part comes in when there is a good combination of martial arts and self defense system to form a comprehensive self defense class. Here, you’ll train hard, master some skills and even practice them so that in case you run into trouble; you’ll be in a better position.

Choosing the Right System For You

Before you can enroll in a self defense program, you probably need to understand the various systems available in the market. You also need to pick what works best for your case. Some of the students will have busy schedules and have hardly six hours a week to take on the course. It’s therefore important to choose a class that will address your realities and serves you in the best ways possible.

Most self defense classes will take care of both children and adults. Some of the techniques will also be emphasized for the female gender as compared to the male gender and this is done purposefully to enable one deliver the best they can. These classes will also factor in several scenarios you may find yourself in danger; these include mob fighting, gun threat, a street fight and even knife held on your throat.

At the end of the course, you’ll learn some explosives techniques beyond your imaginations, that would probably save the day. Other defense styles focus on ground fighting and grappling such as judo, Ju-jitsu, and wrestling. These skills provide flowing movements and excellent workouts that can be used to develop confidence in case you’re knocked down.

Daily workouts, exercises, and routine healthy habits shouldn’t be substituted for self defense classes; in fact, blending these together will get you where you are headed much faster. Remember, the bigger the muscles the greater the weapon and the smarter the brain, the better you fight.