Zumba Classes

We all want to be fit but the very thought of going to the gym every day or practicing the same yoga steps does not really make us feel good. However, the journey to fitness need not necessarily be boring, and in fact, can be very interesting and rewarding by enrolling in Zumba classes.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a cardio-dance workout that is Latin-inspired and uses choreographed steps and music to create a fitness-party atmosphere. Such program has small dance routines including interval training wherein a combination of slow and fast rhythms are used to burn fat and tone your body. Even if you do not know how to dance, do not worry as such sessions use simple steps that are repeated regularly.

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Who Can Join Zumba?

Anyone who can stand up and start dancing can join Zumba. You do not need any skills or experience, and even if you have two left feet, you still are a good candidate. No matter what your age, size, or shape, you can join a Zumba program and have a blast

What to Expect in Zumba Classes?

Usually, most such programs last for an hour. They start with a dynamic warm-up session and end with some static stretching and a cool down. The workout portion includes different songs with different dance routines. Though most of the dance moves are pre-choreographed, the instructors do add their own dance steps, and at times create a completely new routine to some of their favorite songs.

Different types of Zumba programs

There are different types of Zumba programs targeting the elderly to little kids. Some of the popular types of classes include:

Zumba toning session – such program incorporates extra resistance by using Zumba light weights or sticks, which engages and works certain muscle group including the core, arms, and the lower body.

Zumba step – it focuses on strengthening your bum and legs and increases calorie burning.

Zumba gold – this uses the original Zumba moves but at a comparatively low intensity and thus is ideal for the older adults. It focuses more on coordination and balance.

Aqua Zumba – it is a low impact aquatic exercise wherein the natural pool water resistance is used to tone your muscles. Since you will be in the pool, your joints will experience less impact, compared to what you will experience in other sports like running.

What Do You Need to Bring?

Apart from lots and lots of energy that you need to carry to your class, you also need the right clothes and the right pair of shoes. Wearing nice, bright and happy colored clothes is ideal. Also, make sure they can wick away your sweat and thus keep you comfortable while dancing. As far as your shoes are concerned you need to put on your athletic pair that offers good ankle support as you will be doing a lot of pivoting and turning.

To Conclude:

Zumba is for anyone who likes music and wants to have fun. If you too want to have a great time, get involved in a physical activity that will help you lose weight and get you toned without getting boring even for a second then get yourself enrolled in your nearest Zumba classes right away.